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Waitbusters Expands Its Delivery Options Through Integration With DoorDash Drive

Reston, VA – March 29, 2021 – Waitbusters, LLC announced today that they have now augmented their Delivery As a Service operation to include an integration with DoorDash Drive. This is an expansion to their delivery fleet that already includes Postmates. By including a fleet of delivery drivers, or Delivery As a Service (DAAS) as they refer to it, Waitbusters gave restaurants the ability to have readily available drivers as a part of their online ordering package. With the incorporation of DAAS to their software solution, Waitbusters freed restaurant owners from having to hire their own drivers as well as having to pay for the commissions involved with a 3rd party delivery platform.Now more than ever, having both pickup and delivery options for online orders is imperative and with Waitbusters, delivery is now affordable. While the addition provides options to some restaurants to select which service to use, it is also vital depending on the location of the restaurant. Waitbusters’ CPO, Shane Gau, explained, “Bringing in DoorDash Drive was critical because not all locations are covered by the Postmates delivery parameters. Additionally, having two separate fleets allows restaurants and customers to compare and make a choice based on their preference (e.g. faster delivery time or cheaper delivery fee). This further ensures that there will be drivers available almost 100% of the time.” Waitbusters’ software gives restaurants the option to utilize DAAS in conjunction with their own drivers (when they might not be available) and to easily turn on or off the DAAS at their option.

About Waitbusters Digital Diner

Waitbusters LLC, a service-disabled veteran owned company, is a provider of innovative restaurant technology solutions. Its Digital Diner solution offers restaurants the ability to create better experiences for their guests, save money, create new revenue streams, become more profitable, and find and retain happy customers.

Waitbusters Digital Diner provides:

· Online Ordering & Commission Free Delivery

· Contactless Dine In

· Wait Line, Reservation & Table/Server Management

· Social Media Marketing

· Loyalty Program

· SMS Text MessageMarketing

· Delivery DriverLogistics

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