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Discover the Future of Dining: Google & Waitbusters Revolutionize Reservations!

There's been a pronounced shift in how and where people make their dining reservations. As recently as two years ago, most diners leaned heavily on platforms like OpenTable and Resy to discover and book restaurants. Yet, the dynamic has dramatically transformed. According to a recent poll by the National Restaurant Association, a significant 73% of individuals now turn to Google Maps or utilize the "restaurant near me" feature on Google when deciding where to eat. This shift toward directly booking a table within their search results, rather than taking the added step of transitioning to a distinct reservation platform, has indeed been a revolutionary change in the booking process.

For restaurant operators, this evolving landscape offers a promising opportunity. Jim Moody, CEO of Waitbusters, encapsulated the excitement around the change, stating, "We recognize that in the restaurant industry, margins are incredibly thin. With our recent integration with Reserve with Google, we're elated to offer restaurant operators yet another avenue to optimize their costs. Our primary goal has always been to support our partners in achieving both operational efficiency and profitability, and this collaboration aligns perfectly with that mission."

With the integration of Waitbusters' reservation platform with Reserve with Google launching this week, operators can harness the full array of Waitbusters' unique features. This not only includes its unbeatable pricing but also innovative features like the table selector and reservation deposit options. Combine this with Google's unparalleled marketing reach and exposure, and the potential benefits for independent restaurant operators becomes clear.

It's also worth noting the high costs associated with some traditional reservation platforms. OpenTable, for instance, has been known to charge fees as high as $1 per cover. Such fees can quickly add up, especially for bustling establishments, making the cost-effective solutions offered by Waitbusters even more appealing.

In essence, the fusion of diner convenience and advantageous operational solutions is heralding a new chapter in restaurant reservations, where the synergy of Google and Waitbusters stands poised to dominate.


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