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Waitbusters Introduces AI OlO Throttling to Optimize Kitchen Operations and Enhance Guest Experience

Atlanta, GA ( Waitbusters, a leading restaurant technology provider, has announced a major update to its innovative platform that introduces three new ways for restaurants to manage their online order volume. This groundbreaking feature has been designed to prevent kitchen overload, ensure a smoother dining experience, and keep guests, both in-house and online, delighted.

The latest update includes an automated system that dynamically adjusts online order ready times based on kitchen activity. This intelligent feature enables a smoother kitchen operation by increasing and decreasing the expected ready times for online orders in line with how busy the kitchen is.

Restaurants also can hide the “ASAP” ordering feature during peak times. Instead, they can offer guests the ability to schedule their orders. This gives restaurants more control over order flow and helps better manage kitchen capacity. Furthermore, restaurants can now cap the number of orders accepted per time slot. Once the maximum limit is reached, that time slot becomes unavailable to customers, ensuring the kitchen isn’t overwhelmed with orders at any given moment.

Jim Moody, CEO of Waitbusters, emphasized the transformative impact of these new features. “Our mission at Waitbusters is to continually enhance restaurant operations while improving the guest experience. With these new features, we’re enabling restaurants to take control of their online ordering in a way that’s never been possible before. By dynamically adjusting to the ebb and flow of demand, restaurants can optimize their kitchen operations, avoid chaos, and most importantly, keep their guests satisfied.”

These enhancements underscore Waitbusters’ commitment to delivering robust, adaptable, and user-friendly solutions that address the unique challenges faced by restaurants in today’s increasingly digital landscape. By giving restaurants the ability to throttle online orders intelligently, Waitbusters is ensuring a more harmonious dining experience for everyone involved.

About Waitbusters Digital Diner

Waitbusters LLC, a service-disabled veteran owned company, is a provider of innovative restaurant technology solutions. Its Digital Diner solution offers restaurants the ability to create better experiences for their guests, save money, create new revenue streams, become more profitable, and find and retain happy customers.

Waitbusters Digital Diner provides:

  • Call Concierge

  • Online Ordering & Commission Free Delivery

  • Contactless Dine In

  • Delivery as a Service

  • Wait Line, Reservations & Table/Server Management

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Loyalty Program

  • SMS Text Message Marketing

  • Delivery Driver Logistics

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