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Restaurants Can Finally Track Their ROI on Digital Ad Campaigns with Waitbusters’ Sales Source Featu

Atlanta, GA ( Waitbusters, LLC is a huge proponent of Voice of Customer (VOC). In fact, the company lives, breathes and prides itself on knowing its restaurant partner owners by name.

During the past three months of our VOC zoom webinars, there’s been a common theme/request. Our restaurant partners expressed concerns that they are spending significant cash on Google, email and social media ads, but have no idea what their ROI is. Waitbusters’ CPO, Shane Gau, reiterated this problem, saying, “If you cannot track sales, unless it is a pure branding play, you’re just gambling or explicitly throwing money away.” Tools out there like Google Analytics and Facebook link tracking show you the traffic that’s been driven to your website, but that’s just not enough.

Whether $10, $100 or $1000 is spent on an ad campaign, the customer should know with certainty if it generated any sales and which campaign produced the most sales and the highest check average. With Waitbusters’ new Sales Source feature, operators can do all of this.

With the Sales Source feature, operators can:

  1. Track if their campaigns are working at all and immediately see the ROI

  2. Track which campaigns are driving the most conversions (A/B testing)

  3. Track which campaigns are generating the highest check size

This is just another way Waitbusters is helping restaurants not just survive but thrive. A video overview of the product is shown here:


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