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How Waitbusters Mixes AI and Text Messaging to Create Reservations at Your Fingertips

Atlanta, GA ( In today’s climate, efficiency and convenience are key to enhancing customer experiences. As we all know, text messaging reigns supreme as the number one activity of mobile phone users. Recognizing this, Waitbusters has astutely placed its innovative restaurant booking system right at the fingertips of users, via SMS for making restaurant reservations and joining wait lines.

Whether you want to make a reservation or add yourself to a restaurant’s wait line, you can skip the hassle of downloading apps, waiting on hold on the phone, or navigating through complex online booking systems.

Here’s how it works:

  • Users simply send a text to the designated number for the restaurant of their choice.

  • The AI-powered system interprets the text and processes the request. If you’re looking to book a table, it’ll confirm your reservation and send back the details. If you’re joining a wait line, it’ll let you know your expected wait time and keep you updated via text.

The beauty of this solution lies not only in its simplicity but also in its universal accessibility. CEO of Waitbusters, Jim Moody, sums it up nicely, “Our mission with this feature is to simplify and streamline the dining experience for everyone. By combining AI and text messaging, we’ve created a tool that’s not only easy to use but also extremely efficient.”

But the innovation doesn’t stop at convenience for the customer. Restaurants also stand to benefit significantly. The AI takes care of handling reservations and wait list management, freeing up staff to focus on providing excellent service to the customers present in the restaurant. This highlights the brilliance of the idea – it doesn’t ask users to adopt a new behavior, rather it simplifies an existing one.

Waitbusters Digital Diner provides:

  • Call Concierge

  • Online Ordering & Commission Free Delivery

  • Contactless Dine In

  • Delivery as a Service

  • Wait Line, Reservations & Table/Server Management

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Loyalty Program

  • SMS Text Message Marketing

  • Delivery Driver Logistics

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