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New Release From Waitbusters' Digital Diner Provides Hotel And Resort Patrons With A More Relaxi

Reston, VA – December 20, 2017 –Waitbusters, LLC announced today that it will begin using its Digital Diner software in various hotels to support pool and beach floor plans. Digital Diner is an all in one software solution. It provides restaurants, bars and hotels with SMS and social media marketing, as well as wait line, reservation and table management. The collaboration was the natural next step for Waitbusters, who had received countless requests from hotels to utilize the software.

With the addition of lounge chair and cabana support, Digital Diner will now give hotels and resorts the ability to make their pool or ocean side experience a much more efficient and relaxing one for their guests.

The new release of Digital Diner includes the following pool or ocean-centric features:

  • Facilitate easy poolside or beach front seating chart creation

  • Enable guests to remotely get in a lounge chair or cabana wait line and be informed when their lounge chairs or cabanas are ready

  • Enable guests to remotely reserve lounge chairs or cabanas and be informed when their lounge chairs or cabanas are ready

  • Enable guests to order food, beverages or towels from their lounge chairs or cabanas

  • Enable management to send specials to their lounging guests

Waitbusters’ CPO Shane Gau commented, “We feel that supporting resort and hotel pools and beaches is a natural progression to achieving our goal of becoming the best and most comprehensive hospitality FOH and marketing software. I was really inspired by this idea first hand when I was at a hotel pool in Las Vegas and had to wait in a line for 30 minutes for a chair (when I could have been shopping or playing the slots) and then waited another 45 minutes for a server to come by and take my drink order."

The latest version of Digital Diner is currently available to meet all of your hotel and restaurant needs.

About Waitbusters Dining

Waitbusters LLC, a service-disabled veteran owned company, is a provider of innovative restaurant technology solutions. Its Digital Diner solution offers restaurants the ability to create better experiences for their guests, save money, create new revenue streams, become more profitable, and find and retain happy customers. E-mail to schedule a demo.


Anicia Gau

Waitbusters, LLC


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