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Waitbusters’ Location Updates Allow You to Adjust Guests’ Position in Line

Reason #4 to Use Waitbusters Dining Solutions: Location Updates

Reston, VA ( With the location updates technology available through Waitbusters’ Guest Manager, you can view the location of a wait line guest or a reservation party. This enables you to be proactive with customer service and table management by seeing if a guest is going to be late and adjusting their spot in line, moving tables and/or contacting them to see how you could best adjust to help them.


  • Know guest locations when they are in a wait line

  • Determine whether guests will make their reservations on time

  • Reach out proactively to guests who are stuck in traffic

  • Trained professional staff available to support your integration at no additional cost

About Waitbusters Dining

Waitbusters LLC, a service-disabled veteran owned company, is a provider of innovative restaurant technology solutions. Its Digital Diner solution offers restaurants the ability to create better experiences for their guests, save money, create new revenue streams, become more profitable, and find and retain happy customers. E-mail to schedule a demo.

Contact: Anicia Gau Waitbusters, LLC 571-612-0213

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