The Buffalo Wing Factory

Buffalo Wing Factory has seen its online ordering monthly take-out sales skyrocket using our beautifully-designed menus!

Dan Tufts
The Buffalo Wing Factory

Working with the folks from Waitbusters has been an honest pleasure. They treat us like partners and not like customers. Not only have they delivered everything that they said they would, they have increased our take-out sales tremendously by almost 80% per month! I highly recommend them.


The All American Steakhouse

Three weeks after install, The All American Steakhouse is earning an incremental $800-$1000/month with the Jump The Line feature!

Tony Boyden
The All American

We were a little dubious at first using Digital Diner since we only had wait lines on the weekends and were not sure about the ROI. We were ecstatic to see our investment cost paid off in one month using the Jump The Line feature. We cannot wait to launch online ordering! I highly recommend Waitbusters Digital Diner.

The Busy Bee Cafe

Has seen 11-15 new parties per day and has decreased wait times by 35% on average, leading to $8K - $9K lift in monthly revenue.

Jennifer Smash
The Busy Bee Cafe

We have used their software for over a year and have seated over 30,000 people without a hitch. Ever since we have started using Digital Diner, we no longer have customers walking away because of an overcrowded lobby. We estimate this has increased our daily revenue by about $250-$300 per day.


The Bobbin’ Cork

Leveraging our patent-pending pre-ordering feature, Bobbin’ Cork has welcomed an amazing 42% average income per table increase in 45 days!

Jonathan Chumney
The Bobbin' Cork

What intrigued me the most about their solution was the ability to better monetize my tables. I have a fairly small restaurant and having the ability to enable my customers to pre-order their meals has given me a significant lift in my revenue. Thank you WaitBusters!

Universal Joint

Using the SMS Marketing tool,Universal Joint has quadrupled sales between 2pm-5pm, normally a very slow time, leading to a $3,700 increase in MRR.

Bruce Kennedy
Universal Joint

Our restaurant had a problem and we were losing money every week. We had a paper tablet that we were keeping our wait list on every weekend and it was a nightmare. People waiting were scattered all over the restaurant inside and out and it took 5 or more minutes for a host to track them down. People were leaving without telling the host so we spent even more time looking for them. We were losing customers. We were losing money. We were using the host to chase people around the restaurant rather than welcoming and seating people. It was a big mess. However, waitbusters has changed all that with their software.